What is a Building Warrant of Fitness?

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) is an annual statement that confirms specified systems such as sprinkler and alarms systems in your building have been maintained and checked for the previous 12 months. These checks are in line with the compliance schedule.

It makes sure that the specified systems in your building are maintained, inspected and reported on. This is important not only because it is required by the compliance schedule issued by Council but because it gives occupants, customers and visitors to your building confidence about the building’s safety systems.

The compliance schedule lists the specified systems operating in a particular building, and the building warrant of fitness is an assurance that the specified systems have been inspected and maintained, and are continuing to operate as installed. A current copy of the BWoF (form 12) must be displayed publicly in the building, and another copy must be sent to the Council each year on the anniversary date for the building warrant of fitness.

The BWoF must be renewed by the building owner annually on the anniversary date. Once satisfied that the specified systems have been maintained as per the compliance schedule, the independent qualified person (IQP) supplies an annual certificate (Form 12a) for the system to the building owner. These must be attached to the BWoF.

What are a building owner's responsibilities?

You need to display a BWoF, so that people using your building know that all the systems in the building are functional and working effectively, without any risk to their health and safety.

As a building owner you have to:

  • Engage an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) such as FSS to inspect and certify the specified systems'

  • Display a copy of the BWoF certificate within the public area of the building'

  • Provide the relevant council with a copy of the BWoF and IQP certificate(s) of compliance. 

How can Fire Security Services help you?

FSS work with Body Corporates, Property Managers and private building owners to provide peace of mind knowing that your building is safe and compliant. We ensure that you meet all the requirements of your compliance schedule and as a result, we complete your BWoF on time, everytime.

FSS is your one stop shop when it comes to organising your fire protection and BWoF requirements. Simple!

More helpful information for building owners and tenants - such as compliance schedules, Form 12As, Independent Qualified Persons (IQPs), and other building owner responsibilities - can be found on the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment website: www.building.govt.nz