Leave your evacuation scheme to the trusted experts, Fire Security Services has you covered.

Who needs an evacuation scheme?

The Fire & Emergency NZ Act requires owners of relevant types of buildings to have an evacuation scheme. 'Relevant' building types are sites that:

  1. gather 100 or more persons in one building.

  2. are a place of employment for 10 or more persons.

  3. provide accommodation for more than 5 persons (other than in 3 or fewer household units)

  4. store hazardous substances above prescribed minimum amounts.

  5. provide early childhood facilities*

  6. provide nursing, medical, or geriatric care*

  7. provide specialised care for people with disabilities*

  8. provide accommodation for persons under lawful detention (excluding home detention).

* Excludes buildings that are household units.

Source: Section 75, Fire & Emergency NZ Act 2017

FSS can take care of your evacuation scheme

If required, we can also work with site contacts and contractors to gather any relevant documentation.

Fire Evacuation Scheme Implementation

As a first step, many customers need to find out the status of their evacuation scheme. We can contact If FENZ to obtain copies of documentation for your site. This is to confirm whether there is an official record of an approved evacuation scheme.

If we discover a new or updated evacuation scheme is needed, we will develop a customised fire evacuation plan, including an assembly area plan, design of fire emergency procedure notice and preparation of an application for submission to FENZ for evacuation scheme approval.

We will liaise with FENZ if any alterations are required and work to get the scheme approved.

Once the fire evacuation plan is approved by FENZ, FSS can organise products required for your fire evacuation scheme. We can also arrange staff training if necessary.

Trial evacuations

We recommend that once your evacuation scheme is approved by FENZ, you undertake a trial evacuation/fire drill. It is recommended that FSS run the trial evacuation to ensure that it is implemented in line with the evacuation scheme.

Going forward, six-monthly trial evacuations should take place. This is required to ensure your evacuation scheme remains operative. Find out more about trial evacuations.

We can also offer additional services such as Fire Warden Training or Fire Extinguisher Training.