Fire Security Services are the complete package, offering a highly professional fire alarm service from complex new installations, through to fire alarm service and routine compliance inspections.

Fire alarm installations

Fire Security Services complete all types of installations, from small commercial and residential work to large industrial work – we have the skills needed to suit your needs.

We install a range of systems including:

  • Type 1 manual CMS system

  • Type 2 manual fire alarm system

  • Type 3 automatic fire alarm system with heat detection

  • Type 4 automatic fire alarm system with smoke detection

  • Type 5 automatic fire alarm system with local smoke detection and brigade connected heat detection (apartment complex, sleeping accommodation)

  • Gas flood protection / special hazard systems

  • Aspirating detection (VESDA)

  • Supplementary detection systems including flame detection, gas detection, infrared detection, video detection

  • Analogue addressable and conventional systems, all brands makes and models

  • EWIS systems

  • Graphical systems – graphical user interface

  • Networked systems

  • Brigade monitoring systems – PFA connection

Our technicians are trained across all proprietary and non-proprietary fire alarm systems as we install and service a diverse range of systems across our large customer base.

Fire alarm testing and compliance

Fire Security Services specialise in fire alarm testing and compliance. Our trained staff are dedicated to testing and surveying your fire alarm systems to ensure they comply with the relevant codes of practice including the NZ Building Code and NZ 4512 fire alarm standards.

Our compliance team will test your system as per your compliance schedule and system design, documenting all test results and findings in our state-of-the-art software.

As a Fire Security Services customer, you gain access to our real-time customer portal. All the information about your fire protection services is at your fingertips, whenever you want it!

Through the real time customer portal, you can see rich insights including job status and compliance issues across entire portfolios of buildings. You also get the ability to approve quotes, download invoices, access compliance reports, and analyze spend by asset type - all at the click of a button.

Monthly fire alarm testing

The following actions take place during a monthly fire alarm test:

  • Check a thermal, manual call point or smoke detector to generate a test signal

  • Check correct operation of the system, including all indicators (mimic panels)

  • For brigade connected systems, a test fire will be sent to monitoring company

  • Check alerting devices

  • Check and test the system batteries

  • Record and report findings for testing records

Annual fire alarming testing

There are many actions that take place during an annual fire alarm test:

  • Check correct operation of the system, including all indicators (mimic panels)

  • For brigade connected systems, a test fire will be sent to the monitoring company

  • Check and test the system batteries

  • Test a minimum of 2% of all heat detectors

  • Test a minimum of 20% of all smoke detectors

  • Clean 20% of smoke detectors

  • Test other detector types

  • Test all manual call points

  • Test all detection zones during device testing

  • Complete a thorough visual examination of all system components

  • Test and clean all aspirating system pipe work

  • Check device and system coverage, check for changes to building layout and spacings comply with standards

  • Test ancillary / auxiliary relay interfaces

  • Test defect warning facilities

  • Test circuit wiring as per manufacturer’s instructions including insulation resistance testing and loop testing where applicable

  • Check alerting devices comply with standards and system design

  • Test EWIS systems

  • Inspect, exercise, and test all flow switches

  • Check the system to ensure all NZ standards and service conditions are met

  • Identify site or environmental conditions that could affect and compromise system performance

  • Record and report findings for compliance records

Fire alarm servicing

Fire Security Services are experts in fire alarm servicing, from small commercial and residential systems to large industrial networked systems – we have the skills needed to suit your needs.

Our skilled technicians are available 24/7, so you know we’ve got your back.

We can complete a range of service tasks including reactive call outs, remedial works, fire alarm upgrades and fire alarm system designs, to name a few.

If you have questions about your fire alarms, please get in touch, we’re happy to help.