Fire brigade monitoring is your direct Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) connection for your fire alarm monitoring & sprinkler system monitoring. This connection automatically calls FENZ and your fire protection agent during an emergency – ensuring fast response and decreasing risk for building owners & occupants.

Connecting your fire alarm and sprinkler systems to FENZ

Fire Security Services provide direct fire brigade/FENZ monitoring of your fire alarm and sprinkler systems in house. This means you do not need to deal with a third-party agent for this service. It can be built into your existing services package with FSS!

FSS are partnered with our FENZ approved fire brigade monitoring partner to provide this one stop shop solution. We are providing direct brigade monitoring for hundreds of customers nationwide and have been since 2005.

The advantages using FSS for your brigade monitoring include:

  • No charge for connection transfers from other providers and 3 months free monitoring when you transfer your existing brigade monitoring connection to FSS.

  • One stop shop – all services under one roof with one supplier.

  • Supporting locally owned kiwi businesses.

  • Competitive industry rates.

  • Superior technology with in-panel units and high-level super SGD units to provide more detailed information to the agent, increasing service level.

Does your system require a brigade connection?

Whether your system requires a brigade connection is determined by some simple fire engineering. This boils down to the system type, type of building use (purpose/risk group), number of occupants and building escape height (how many levels).

For many lower risk buildings if a phone line is available a direct brigade connection is not required by the NZ Building Code, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t brigade connect your system!

There is no cost from FENZ to attend fire call outs since the change from New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) to FENZ in 2017. There were many reasons to remove the charge but one in particular was to encourage building owners to install smoke detection and brigade connect their systems as this would not only reduce risk for owners and FENZ but save lives of building occupants.

Benefits of brigade connection

  • Faster response by FENZ to your activation

  • Building information provided direct to FENZ allowing them to respond to an emergency more effectively.

  • FSS will automatically receive messages indicating, activations, defects and other non-normal events related to your fire alarm. This allows us to respond and deal with the issue, restoring your system back to normal.

  • Connecting your fire alarm and sprinkler direct to FENZ is a means of compliance for your building with Building Code requirements.

  • Potential for reduction in premiums with building insurer.

What are you waiting for?

To transfer your existing connection or setup a new connection contact us.