Fire Safety Training FAQs

Is Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire Warden Training mandatory?

Fire safety training is a legal requirement of the Fire and Emergency NZ Regulations and must be part of an Emergency Response Plan under the Health & Safety at Work Act. It is vital that your staff are trained in fire safety, this includes the use of fire extinguishers and the role of fire wardens.

Fire safety training saves lives. By taking part in a Fire Security Services fire safety training course, you can help ensure that you protect what matters most.

How many people require FE Training?

The ideal number of trainees depends on your industry and the associated risks. In some high-risk organisations it may be best to have all staff trained to use a fire extinguisher. In other lower-risk organisations, you may need just a selection of people trained. It is key that you ensure there are enough trained staff to be able to react and use a fire extinguisher if required.

How often do I need to train my staff?

As part of an evacuation scheme, evacuation trainings need to be reported every six months, including details on how the occupants and staff are trained and assessed.

We recommend that trainees take our Fire Extinguisher Course and Fire Warden Course every two years.

Are your courses NZQA accredited?

Our training courses are not NZQA accredited, however trainees will leave the training with a solid understanding and they will receive a certificate upon completion. Employers will also meet their fire safety and health and safety obligations by selecting our course.

How many people can attend a course?

We recommend a maximum of 15 participants. For the Fire Extinguisher courses this ensures there is enough time for everyone to get a turn with the practical element of the course and gain a complete understanding. For the Fire Warden Course, this ensures participants can get a tailored plan specific for their worksite.

Does the price include travel?

Yes, our price includes travel to your site if you are within a 50km radius of a Fire Security Services branch. If you are further than 50km we will discuss travel pricing with you.

Is virtual reality fire extinguisher training just as good as live fire extinguisher training?

Yes, Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher Training is offers a fully immersive experience where participants are transported to a real life fire scenario and have to decide how to act. There are a wide range of scenarios that are relevant to your workplace environment. Using VR also means that mistakes can be made in a safe way, leading to optimal learning outcomes.

This breakthrough VR technology is the same that is used by Fire and Emergency New Zealand – so you know your staff are getting the best quality training.

What kind of space is required to hold the Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher training?

We need a classroom-style set up for the first part of the training, and then a clear area (tables can be moved) of at least 3m x 3m to hold the virtual reality practical.

Can anyone take part in virtual reality?

Yes, virtual reality training can be used by anyone, you don’t need to be technically savvy! We advise that participants with epilepsy or that suffer from vertigo seek medical advice before using virtual reality technology. These people can still gain a course certificate without taking part in the virtual reality experience.

What kind of space is required to hold the Live Fire Extinguisher Training?

We need a classroom style space to seat the participants for the theory part of the course, and then an outdoor area such as a carpark to run the practical where we use real fire extinguishers.

Can I cancel or reschedule my training once its confirmed?

You can reschedule your course until the day before your training with no fees, though we appreciate as much notice as possible. Cancellations made within 72 hours of training (without rescheduling) will incur a 50% admin fee, cancellations or rescheduling on the day of training will be charged the full price.