Job Vacancies

We are currently reviewing and updating our vacancies.

If you are in NZ and have 3 years experience as sprinkler or alarm technician and want to join a growing team, please send you cv and a cover letter to us and we will get in touch with you.

If you are interested please apply on Seek or email with your cv.


We’re always looking out for skilled fire technicians or experienced plumbers and electricians. If you’re one of them, please send your CV to:

Work Visas are only being issued for essential workers. Sadly, Fire Protection Technicians are not meeting these requirements.

While it is great many people want to come and work at FSS, we are not in a position to offer work to people who do not currently hold the right to work in New Zealand.

We would appreciate you holding  your enquiry until you can be certain to be able to move to NZ and are applying for a specific role we have advertised.

If you are still wanting to apply, please attach a copy of your CV and where in New Zealand are you seeking employment. Any applications that don’t include this information will be disregarded.